about winner, asha chai-chang

M E D I A , P H I L A N T H R O P Y , A N D W E A L T H I C O N

Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” And Asha Chai Chang continues to prove him right.

Stagnancy is not an option for her dynamic nature. Her analytical mind earned Asha Chai-Chang a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Honors - Concentration in Finance, Insurance, Economics, and Actuarial Science paired with a Minor in Cinema. As well as an Honors Diploma in Political Science and Pre-Law from Yale University, she collected all ingredients needed for success.

After an emergency intubation which saved her life, Asha was left with a scarred trachea which caused the walls of her trachea to heal back together limiting her air supply. This condition was later identified as tracheal stenosis. Despite this life threatening condition, Asha Chai-Chang is an Award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer. As CEO of Love My Productions, she creates comedic shorts, thrillers, family-friendly content, and episodic delights such as “AshaDorable” to entertain diverse audiences on a global scale. She oversees most projects she works on from conception to completion.

As Co-President of North Carolina Women in Film & TV (NC WIFT), Advisory Council member for the 11-year Award-Winning Non-Profit Organization called the Carolina Film Community, Premier member of Black Business Owners of Charlotte, North Carolina State Representative for the Coalition of Leaders Opportunity Zone, and highly sought-after film panelist and motivational speaker, Ms. Chai-Chang is an Influencer of Positive Change in the Film/ Entertainment Industry. She assists and leads productions ranging from commercial and shorts to three feature-length films currently in pre-production.

She encourages film enthusiasts, investors, entrepreneurs/ business owners, aspiring cast and crew, to connect with her through www.lovemyproductions.com and Love My Productions media platforms. Named Best Director for the Top Indie Film Awards, taking home numerous other awards for her films, and continuing to receive nominations regularly, Asha is grateful to create the world she wants to see through film and explore subcultures with her audiences. Since her award-winning films, "Cruise Control" and “Spoiler Alert,” critics have noted her ability to shine light on the fact our outer appearance does not dictate our interests on a human level. Ultimately, we share a key attribute: we all enjoy being entertained.

Ms. Chai-Chang advocates and promotes affordable legal protection for individuals, families, and small business by day. Asha volunteers as a Motivational Speaker for the YES Institute, is a frequent panelist for Film Festivals and Comic Conventions, and is a member of the Queen City Game Club, teaching children the benefits of learning strategy and collaboration through gaming. In addition to her plethora of talents, Asha never ceases to strive for knowledge and education. She implements new skills and expands her repertoire in each of her many fields. Her life is a testimony that once again it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

Asha Chai-Change holding her 2020 Best Picture Award for Flip The Script Filmmaking Competition